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Open Source and Tux Paint

Well, I must say that this was a difficult read for me. Not because it wansn't interesting, because it totally was, it's just that sometimes my computer impairment and illiteracy gets the best of me at times. I was really excited however when I came across Linux, in the article because that I sort of understand. Reading this article really served to reinforce my positive views on open source. I think that open source is really awesome because it helps people to really step out of the box so to speak. Using open source software enables users to manipulate and modify the programs to better suit ones needs. Granted one would need to know what he or she is doing, or find someone else to tweak it in order for that to happen, but the way I look at it, whether or not you even make changes to the programs or not, it is the fact that this is possible, and that this option is available to you, should you so choose to do something about it. I also like the fact that these programs are readily available and free to share. On to Tux Paint, which might I add is awesome. I really wish that I had stuff like this to play with when I was a kid. Using Tux Paint reminded me of a placement I was at a previous year. There was this really old computer available for the children to play on and the only two programs it had on it were soliltaire and this crummie kind of paint program. This paint program was very difficult to use and it was bruttally boring and limiting. It couldn't hold a child's attention for more than 10 minutes. Looking back, I think that Tux would be an awesome thing for them to have there. It's fun, easy to use and you can do so much on it.
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